The Adaptive Martial Arts Association is the nations leading 501c3 non-profit organization promoting disabled inculcation in martial arts through education and support. 



(President) - Jason P. Davis Is the Founder of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association, he studies at Rising Sun Martial Arts in Vermont. Davis is a 18 year broadcast veteran, serving as Production Director for Catamount Radio Group in Vermont. He recently departed from Catamount Radio to focus his efforts on the AMAA and other passions. He also serves his town as Emergency Management Director and a member of the Fire Department.

(Vice-President) - Tammy Foley Has been a Special Educator for over 25 years.  She is passionate about her work with students with disabilities and their families.  Tammy's son participates in a local Adaptive Martial Arts Program and she recognizes the many benefits to her son, both in and out of the dojo. Tammy is a big supporter of Special Olympics as well as other adaptive programs (ski/snowboard, etc) and has advocated successfully for her students to participate in such activities as part of their school program.


(Secretary) - Marie Eugair-Newell Is a Para-educator and has lived and worked, her whole life around people with various disabilities. Marie has also had consumers enrolled in Adaptive Martial Arts Programs over the years and is an active member of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association.

(Treasurer) - Terri Davis Is the sister of our Founder and being raised with a brother with Cerebral Palsy she has a great understanding of the importance of Disabled Inclusion. She’s employed by Lake Sunapee Bank, who supports the Adaptive Martial Arts Association a great deal. With Terri’s strong background in Finance she is perfect for this position.

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